Kidslife Foundation

Kidslife Foundation

3-Year Progress Report, 2009-2012

For the past three (3) years, the Kidslife Foundation, Inc. has focused on facilitating and organizing teacher training programs for various service providers and stakeholders within the Visayas Region.  It also has established links and advocacies on issues affecting children and education.  Last year, it initiated the establishment of St. Michael’s Play Garden, the only Waldorf-inspired pre-school in Central Visayas.

             Since 2009, Kidslife was able to conduct and organize eleven (11) trainings, seminars and workshops (please refer to Table 1).  It has also participated in advocacy campaigns, congresses, and meetings with private as well as public stakeholders for the development of teachers and curriculum programs

            In July 2011, the St. Michael’s Play Garden was opened under the initiatives of Kidslife Foundation.  It aims to give families a home-like environment for their children’s first “school” experience where creative, imaginative play is encouraged through enjoyable and meaningful activities in the company of other children and loving adults.  Aside from the regular Play Group program, it also offers afterschool programs on music, arts, and learning enhancement.  It had 13 students in the regular play group and 9 students in the afterschool program in S.Y. 2011-2012. For the current SY 2012-2013, there are 16 children in the regular playgroup and 19 in the afterschool program (please refer to Table 2).

            Current and future projects of Kidslife are focused on early childhood education programs and projects with different advocacy groups (please refer to Table 3).To further build the capacity of educators involved in the programs in delivering quality education to children and service providers, Kidslife is sending its main teachers to Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training Programs and workshops in Iloilo and in Manila. Fundraising projects are being planned and implemented to be able to achieve this purpose.

Table 1.  Trainings, Seminars, Workshops

1 Challenges, Creativity, Renewal (Intro to Anthroposophy and Steiner Waldorf Education with Jake and Bella Tan) June 11-12 2009
2 Creative Arts Workshop Training for Child Development Workers of Plan International 2009
3 Steiner Waldorf Education: A Creative Learning Method for the 21st Century Nov. 21 2009
4 Foundation Course in Anthroposophy, Part One: Intensive Beginner’s Course in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education Sept. 5-6; 12-13 2010
5 Refresher Course in Anthroposophy, Part One: Intensive Beginner’s Course in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education 2010
6 Creative Arts Workshop Training for Child Development Workers of Plan International 2010
7 Seminar-Workshop on Creative Activities for Children for Quidan Kaisahan SNP Volunteers December 2010
8 Language Learning and Teaching: RELCAAP Cluster Conference on Making Language Learning and Teaching Work (From Functional Language to Functional Literacy) Oct. 20-22 2010
9 Training-Workshop on Toy Production and Creative Activities for Young Children (for Plan International) 2011
10 Lecture: Empowering Student Teachers with Strategies Anchored on Values, Educational Games, Culture and the Arts, 3rd Student Teachers’ Congress Feb. 25 2011
11 Basic Toy Making and Storytelling Workshop for CDO Volunteers (for Coalition for Better Education) May 23-24 2012

 Table 2: ECCD Projects/Programs

SY 2011-2012

SY 2012-2013

Parent-Toddler  Program






After-School Program



Outreach / Advocacy Partners
  • Tulunghaan sa Dalan
  • Hand-in-Hand Deutschland Phils.
  • Plan International
  • Coalition for Better Education
  • Nomadic Tales
  • Hand-in-Hand Deutschland Phils.
  • Coalition for Better Education
  • Baranagay Kasambagan
  • Nomadic Tales

Table 3: Upcoming or Planned Programs/Projects

  • SY 2013-2014: Start accepting 5 – 6 year olds for Kindergarten


  • Teacher Training on Early Childhood Education for Day Care Centers


  • Cebuano Storybook


  • Storytelling on Wheels, a mobile playschool that will visit poor barangays  and public schools for storytelling and puppet shows


  • I See Immersion Workshop on Children’s Tourism


  • Waldorf Teacher Training for Preschool and After-School teachers


  • Household Orientation for parents, yayas, relatives, drivers


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