Rhythm: A Time for Everything

By Ireneo de Leon

Yesterday was the last day that most students had after a long vacation for the holiday celebrations. That was more or less than a two-week break. As I was checking my Facebook account, I saw a comment posted by one of my students which said “It is the first day of school. I am not ready yet. I want to sleep the whole day”. I am very sure that he is not the only one feeling this. I do not mean only students but also teachers and others who are just going back to their work today.

If you notice, it is difficult to go back to your former routine if this is stopped or disrupted by other activities, isn’t it? This routine is a manifestation of one’s rhythm. You can observe rhythm everywhere. The sun rises and sets. There is a cycle of the different seasons in the world. We can observe our bodily rhythm in our daily lives. We wake up, eat, work, and rest. Your body cannot sleep forever and cannot also stay awake forever. We exist with it. We go through different stages in life from birth to death. Rhythm is a way of life. The necessity of developing a good rhythm therefore should not be taken for granted. It should start when we are still young, yes, when are still a child. If a child has a well established rhythm, it will be difficult to alter that. For example, if one is used to waking up at 6:00 in the morning because he was trained to do that, naturally even if he reaches the age of later adulthood, that person will still wake up at the same time. If you have a rhythm of your appetite, you will crave for food when it is your “time to eat”. We also have spiritual rhythm. If one has established a rhythm for going to mass every Sunday or praying at a certain time of the day, you can feel that the “time” to do these activities has come. In fact, if you have a rhythm that connects you with the Divine and fail to do it, you can feel that something is lacking deep inside of you.

Waldorf education trains its students to develop and balanced and healthy rhythm. Its teachers’ awareness of a child’s development, capacities of his body, mind and spirit, his temperaments and all that comprises the child as he is, creates a program to do this. In a Waldorf school, students are given a time for everything, there is a time to play, a time to do serious work, a time to be energetic, a time to reflect, a time to think, a time to imagine, a time to breath-in and a time to breath-out. Students celebrate different festivals to make them aware of the changing times in a year.

In my last post, I included establishing rhythm as one of the best things that our daughter has learned from St. Michael’s Play Garden. As parents of the school, we are made aware of the importance of rhythm. We reinforce this at home. Just like in school, there is a time for everything for our daughter at home. We have seen the results of this consistent activities. Irene has know when it is time to wake up, sleep, take a bath, wear new clothes, go to school, go home, eat, put things away, listen to a story, pray, and even go to the church. Some parents may think that we are able to do this because we have quality time. But personally, there is no such thing as quality time. There is only time and once it is gone, you cannot bring it back. For “busy” parents, I am sure you can always allot time, do not think of a quantitative measurement of duration, but a time of great moments. My mentor, Grace always reminds us that we can start with basic activities in the house. We can let our children find their rhythm with simple activities such as time to prepare the table because it is “eating time” or prepare the bed because it is their sleeping time. Do these and believe me, it will bring good results not only at this time of your children’s live but also later.

That is rhythm. It tells us that there is a time for everything. Let us guide our children to have a balanced one so that they can grow healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

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